Introducing our all new chocolate sweet bundle a mix of all our favorite chocolates and sweets all in one bundle with some mystery surprises.

Bundle Contains:

1 x Ultimate Chocolate Box- 26 Varieties of chocolates: 

Reeses Pieces Cups, Maltesers, Bag of Terrys Chocolate Orange, Bag of Bournville Dark Chocolate Buttons, Tube of Oreo biscuits, Kinder Snack Bar x 8 ,Kinder Bueno - White, Kinder Bueno - Chocolate, Kinder Schoko Bons, Hersheys Cookies & Cream, Caramac, Mint Aero, Curly Whirly, MilkyBar, Galaxy Smooth Bar, Bounty, Chomp, Fudge, Daim, Twix White, Fredo Caramel, M&Ms, Milkyway Bar, KitKat Chunky, Crunchie, Minstrels


1 x 1kg Mystery Sweet bag - A mystery bag of all our favorite sweets with over 25 different combinations including Jellies, Sours, Cables, Chews and more!

1 x 1kg Fizzy Sweet Bag - All things fizzy, a full 1kg bag of all the fizzy favorites!

3 x Mystery Chocolate Bars - A special treat for all chocolate lovers, three mystery chocolate bars guaranteed to amaze!

*Whilst we take guidance from manufacturers & suppliers, Candy Street does not guarantee any ingredients back to the source. For any further information please email hello@thecandystreet.com.

SKU: 50
The Ultimate Chocolate & Sweet Bundle

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