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Introducing the new Candy Street Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Box, with 4 big bars of chocolate and 16 festive favorite chocolate bars, perfect for a gift and for all chocolate lovers!

Box Includes:

1 x Twix Winter Spice
2 x Kit Kat christmas bar
1 x Kinder Joy Christmas
1 x Kinder Bueno Chocolate
1 x Aero Big Bar
1 x Cadburys Big Bar
1 x Cadburys Fingers Bag
1 x Galaxy Big Bar
1 x Milkybar mini reindeer
1 x smarties buttons
1 x Twix White
1 x Kit Kat Chunky White
1 x Bounty
2 x Hersheys Bars - Strawberries and cream, Cookies and Cream, Mint and Cream
1 x Kit Kat Ruby
1 x Fredo Original
1 x Fredo Caramel
1 x Chomp

SKU: 50
The Ultimate Christmas Chocolate Box
2100 2700

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